Here's how Simple OKR works

Simple OKR provides a set of tools that help you focus on what's important, provide clarity and visibility to everyone in your company to reach most important business goals, all from a single place.

Create transparency

Set company objectives to let everyone know what's most important to the business.

See what are everyone's priorities—from top executives down to teams and individuals.

Use personal goals to help your people grow professionally.

Increase focus

Move toward goals in a unified way by aligning team goals to company goals.

Set clear goals and expectations for the next quarter with delivery cycles.

Measure, learn, and improve

Measure and track progress with metric based goals.

Use status updates to keep everyone updated, share what's working and what isn't.

  • Everything will be organized in one place
  • Everyone will be on the same page
  • You'll know how your goals are progressing
  • You'll free up time spent in meetings