Is there a place for To-Dos in your OKR process?

The short answer is Yes! Let me explain.

The way I think of OKRs is them being the bridge between the company’s vision/strategy, and execution of that strategy. Here’s a simple illustration of what I’m talking about.


The top part defines large company goals and strategy for attaining them. OKRs are merely a tool for focusing on the most important goals and measuring their success. Below OKRs we can see the execution. There are many ways to move your company toward the goals. For example, there could be several larger initiatives divided amongst several teams. These could be software projects, events and other things that push you closer to reaching your goals. One of the simplest ways to express an initiative is via To-Do lists. Things don’t have to be complicated.

People have mixed feelings about To-Dos. Some think they are useless (e.g. daily To-Dos) because you can never complete them on time. Others think they’re the best thing out there for focusing on tasks. Even entire businesses are built around managing To-Dos. My personal take, I think To-Dos are great when you make them goal oriented. You don’t want to have a random list of tasks; instead, you always want to provide a context for the list of your action items. Let’s say we want to launch a new feature, what does it take to launch that feature? Try answering this question now. Here you go, your new feature with launch action items produces a goal-oriented To-Do list.

Today Simple OKR receives an update which includes personal To-Dos.


I hope that this new feature will help you better focus on your tasks. The plan for the future is to make To-Dos available throughout the rest of Simple OKR, opening them up to teams and making them part of OKRs.

Is there a place for To-Dos in your OKR process?
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