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Simple OKR Product Update Q1

It’s been an interesting start for Simple OKR. Since launching last year the product has received several iterations of improvements. All of this happened because of the first few users who were willing to try out Simple OKR right after the launch, when it lacked features, had terrible UI and user experience. Thank you.

The most noticeable change is the user interface, navigation and overall improvements to the user experience. One of the goals for Simple OKR is to provide an easy to use product that solves problems for our customers by not overloading it with unnecessary features. What we tried to do here is to borrow ideas from the real world. How would OKRs look on a sheet of paper? We took these ideas and brought them into digital space.


On the front of the new features we have teams, alignments, insights and retrospectives.

Having team OKRs was one of the most requested features. Any company that’s large enough to have several teams or departments will want to track OKRs at that level. With this update to Simple OKR we introduce teams. This feature let you group everyone at your company into teams. You can also assign OKRs to teams and track performance on a per team basis.

Another new feature that we added is OKR Alignment. Alignments let you establish hierarchical structure for your OKRs. You can use alignments to support another objective. For instance, you might have a company level objective to Grow Business. This objective can be supported by marketing and sales teams who set their own objectives such Create Leads and Sign new customers.

Insights feature is all about high level overall stats. With this feature you can dive into an OKR cycle and see how all of your OKRs are performing, identify weak spots in your operations and course correct if necessary. It is a little bit experimental at this point, but we’ll work on improving it.

What makes a successful OKR cycle is the ability to learn from your mistakes and successes. Retrospectives are part of OKR cycle and they let you capture notes from every single team in your company. These notes are nicely grouped with OKR cycles. Before starting a new cycle you can always look back at these notes and make sure that when you’re planning your next cycle all of your bases are covered.

Simple OKR Product Update Q1
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