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One plan, one price. Forever.

Simple OKR is built on several guiding principles.

  • Create simple, easy to use products that last forever and bring value.
  • Prefer slow and steady growth over hyper-growth.

These principles not only dictate what features are added to Simple OKR, but also guide product pricing decisions. Simple OKR price is set to what we think is a fair price right now. This also means that if you purchase today, you will lock in Simple OKR price and won't see any price increases in the future. You could see a decrease, if we decide to drop the price later. Even when Simple OKR receives product updates and improvements you are going to pay the same price.

Having a single plan also means having simpler product and potentially excluding larger organizations from becoming our customers. We understand that we can't have every single customer, in fact, we chose to target our product to small organizations and individuals instead. If Simple OKR does not fit your needs, there are plenty of great OKR products including Atiim, Perdoo, Betterworks and many others.

Tadas Vilkeliskis, Creator of Simple OKR


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited OKRs
  • Check-ins and retrospectives
  • Reminders and notifications
  • 14 day free trial
  • Cancel any time

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