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All growing businesses run into the same problems. Endless meetings, difficulties communicating what's important, and stuff everywhere. We help you bring visibility to what's most important to make your business a success.

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The success of any business is dependent on priorities and execution. What's important can often times get lost in a sea of emails, documents, and meetings. Identifying priorities and setting goals is not the hardest part — making everyone else in your company aware of them is.

To help you reach your goals we offer a set of tools for goal management. We provide a single place to manage goals for the entire company, bring more visibility to teams and individuals, and track progress and performance.

We do so by implementing the Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) methodology. OKRs connect company, teams, and individuals in a hierarchical way to measurable results, making everyone work toward a unified goal.

The goal of Simple OKR is to become the source of truth for communicating vision, strategy, and goals in a single place that's easy to navigate and use. If this sounds like something you need, please take a moment and give Simple OKR a try!

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