Measure, focus on, and achieve goals that matter

Simple OKR helps keep your entire company focused and engaged with measurable goals.

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We understand that it's difficult for companies to stay focused, transparent, and keep their people engaged and motivated.

Simple OKR offers a set of tools to improve focus, transparency and motivation. We help you set and track measurable goals throughout the entire company using the well-known and established OKR (Objective & Key Results) methodology. Everyone in your company will know what's important and where things stand—all the way from the top executives to individual contributors.

Establish OKR process and hit your goals, even if you're new to OKRs

Are you new to OKRs? Don't worry, we got you. We prepared a short OKR guide to help you get started.

Create transparency

Set company objectives to let everyone know what's most important to the business.

See what are everyone's priorities—from top executives down to teams and individuals.

Use personal goals to help your people grow professionally.

Increase focus

Move toward goals in a unified way by aligning team goals to company goals.

Set clear goals and expectations for the next quarter with delivery cycles.

Measure, learn, and improve

Measure and track progress with metric based goals.

Use status updates to keep everyone updated, share what's working and what isn't.

Simple pricing

We believe in simple and easy to understand pricing with no strings attached.

Simple OKR comes with 7-day free trial for you and your team to try out the product. After that it's a flat $49.99/month.

Start 7-day free trial

  • Unlimited users
  • Company, team and personal OKRs
  • Progress tracking with OKR targets and milestones
  • OKR alignment
  • Check-ins and retrospectives