Drive business performance by aligning teams through measurable objectives

Simple OKR helps your teams focus on the things that matter most. We offer a tool that uses the time tested Objectives & Key Results (OKR) methodology to create and track measurable goals.

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Before Simple OKR

Business priorities are not clear and scattered across documents and spreadsheets.

After Simple OKR

Business priorities are kept in a single place, visible and accessible to everyone. Teams are aligned, employees are engaged and kept accountable.

Meet Simple OKR

Align Objectives

Set and Share Objectives to Make Progress

With Simple OKR it is easy to quickly set, share and align Objectives that drive company goals forward.

We believe that the best performing teams are the ones that move toward a common goal, that's why we treat Objective alignment as a top-priority at Simple OKR.

OKR Process Made Simple

Replace difficult to use spreadsheets with tools that are meant to manage OKRs.

We'll help you capture OKRs, related notes and comments, grades and everything in between with an easy to use and understand OKR software.

Introducing OKRs to a company can be hard, don't make it even harder with complex tools.

Simplified process
Priorities screenshot

See Your Priorities

Simple OKR brings the priorities to your fingertips.

Quickly access your priorities and see where things stand for your teams and direct reports.

What are OKRs?

One of the most popular leadership techniques used by the most powerful CEOs around the world, the OKR process is all about identifying, sharing and tracking the most important quarterly goals in your organization.

Simple OKR is a unified platform that all your team members access, allowing them to understand the prioritized goals of your business, their expected contribution at work and the progress being made to achieve them.

By setting between three and five high-level objectives that are key to the overall success of your business, you engage every member of your team and inspire them to deliver their needed contributions to make those goals possible.

Are you new to OKRs? Don't worry, we got you!

Simple Pricing

$49.99 /month

We are all about keeping things simple, yet effective. That is why we offer one simple price plan with no-strings-attached. The plan includes:

  • – Company, team and personal OKRs
  • – Progress tracking with OKR targets
  • – OKR alignment for all team members
  • – Single Sign-on (SAML v2)
  • – Unlimited users
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