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Keeping OKRs in spreadsheets gets harder as you grow. Simple OKR helps you manage your goals and keep everyone focused.

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We get it. It becomes impossible to manage OKRs across teams in spreadsheets. How do I find last quarter’s data? Who’s responsible for updates? Where is that update from 2 weeks ago? How do I present these OKRs at the company all-hands?

Simple OKR is an answer to these questions and more. We help you organize your goals and keep everyone focused on reaching the best results!

Forget spreadsheets

Simple OKR is a dedicated platform to manage and track OKRs. We offer target, range, milestone, and baseline metrics to keep your goals in check.

Understand your company’s health

Simple OKR reporting and insights offer OKR health overview for your company and teams. It’s a goto place for understanding where all your goals stand.

Bridge the gap by creating transparency

We help you bridge the knowledge gap between executives, managers, and individual contributors. Simple OKR is a platform for everyone with a focus on teams and executives.


For executives and business owners we offer insights into company's overall performance. We help them find bottlenecks and take action sooner than later.

Team leads

For team leads Simple OKR provides tools to see how their team is doing and keep it updated with any changes in business strategy.

Individual contributors

Your company’s task force. We bring visibility to people who don't always have easy access to the business strategy. Simple OKR helps them understand how their work contributes to company's goals.

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